Grisel Abreu
Grisel Abreu MIAMI-Design & Enginering

Relationship: Client

Project Date: March 2015

Project Price: $10,000 – $49,999

Great designer!

Has the know how and has brilliant ideas to have functionality in every project. Patience was key!!!! This is your designer. March 20, 2015


Selma Barby
Selma Barby Interiors-MIA

Relationship: Other This team was all that I needed for my budget, very professional, wonderful job, they help us to make our ideas for our better home a true.

They are the best!

March 17, 2015

Jorge Arza
Jorge Arza Miami Main-Tenance
Relationship: Colleague Project Date: January 2011 Project Price: $10,000 – $49,999. Gloria is a true professional when it comes to Stain glass.

I’ve known her for over 15 years and work on several Projects with her. I can tell you she’s fully committed To Her clients wishes and giving Her absolute best.

She’s also the nicest and one of the easiest person to work with.


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