Gloria Zapata Areas of expertise, home, corporate, retail, Feng Shui, green design. Thanks to her artistic sensitivity, has the ability to interpret her customers desires and needs to create your dreams to reality.

Reinventing and designing without limits, Gloria has brought her passion for design to a level where any space becomes not only unique but a creative expression of love for the trade.



Originally from Cali, Colombia. She majored in Architectural design with emphasis in interior design.

In 1999 she decides to bring her art to Miami, where she has been able to design and create pieces for many different cultures. She has worked with a wide variety of design themes from pictorial representations to graphic adaptations.

Gloria Zapata has drawn inspiration from a host of sources, recreating them into designs for glass. She enjoys constantly working with her hands. If she’s not creating beautiful stained-glass artwork; she is sketching her next design.

Important companies, public spaces, and many homes now enjoy her work.

She defines Stained Glass to be a majestic and glorious mixture between glass and sunlight. It can only translate into a puzzle of beauty and elegance. Gloria Zapata is committed to providing clients with high-quality personalized service which includes formulating a design concept, arranging cost-efficient alternatives, purchasing adequate materials, delivering the finished product, and exceeding all expectations.

It’s a Beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together!

Newspaper article – Cali
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